Three Tips That Are Priceless
2020 has proven to us that life is definitely unpredictable.

What's going to happen next is important to you and your family. In the past, those who managed the best were the ones that prepared for the worst, like what 2020 brought us. Just because 2020 is almost over does not mean that life will go back to normal, but may even get more wild. It's time to prepare. 
Flexible Schedule: Choose a time to attend that works for you! We know life is busy! 
About the Presenter: Mark Hutto is a second generation gold and silver dealer in Southern Oregon. Through years and years of travels, experience, and research, Mark is an expert on how to maintain a comfortable life during times of crisis. Just ask his hundreds of clients...! 

Webinar includes: 

  • What to do if the pandemic comes back in another wave 
  • ​What you need to evacuate your home in 45 minutes or less
  • ​How to safely defend your home 
  • The tools you need inside your home to survive inside for months at a time 

What Is The Home Citadel?

The Home Citadel is committed to providing you the tools, education, and confidence to withstand any crisis. Preparing can be challenging. But our handbooks, Facebook communities, webinars, videos, and lesson guides, we aim to make preparing as easy as pressing play. 

We Can Help!

Down below you will find information about our free webinar. This will not ask for your credit card - it is completely free and our gift to you. Our mission is to help you stay safe... this webinar covers what to do during a crises, from evacuating, defending your home, to staying inside for months at a time. Again, there is no commitment with this webinar, just information to help. We hope to see you there!

 Lisa T says:

As a single mother, I was at a complete loss when I was faced with the challenge of keeping my three children safe while riots were happening streets over from me. By the end of this webinar, I felt prepared and self reliant. I even slept better at night. 

Dave G says:

My hometown was getting hit extremely hard by the pandemic and the riots. It was getting to the point where homes just minutes from me were being destroyed. I knew I had to take action to protect myself. Mark Hutto taught me how to survive for months in my home, if needed. Surviving on home-grown food and self defense techniques. 
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